Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lee Charms "Heart Breaker" Music Video Shoot

Yesterday, I worked on the new music video for Lee Charms' track, "Heart Breaker". The video was shot in a studio in Brooklyn, the home base of NYC Jibs and directed by Lameika George. My good friend and partner, Kentrell Stoakley, filled the DP shoes on this one and did a great job with his choices of color and composition. I was an AC/Gaffer swing for most of the day but he allowed me to take over and Co-DP a few scenes (of course he was there so I matched his existing footage but with a little bit of my own style) which will be going in my new reel soon.

We shot on Lameika's Canon 7D with a rented lens package consisting of a 35mm EF, 50mm L, and 70-200mm L. NYC Jibs provided us with a large collection of toys. My favorite for the day was the "sub rental" HMI Joker package, which was our main work horse for the day.

The day wasn't perfect as our shot list for the day was a bit ambitious for our reserved time in the studio. I didn't count but the shot list spanned two pages of 12 font, single spaced haha. The day started of really slow for various reasons and four hours were chopped off our morning. We started shooting around noon. Although we started late and didn't get all the shots we wanted, What we did get was pretty amazing.

During a dance choreography scene, I ended up using a 2k tungsten with diffusion as a key and bouncing the 400w HMI's off of the white flooring as a low angle fill which, mainly cast highlights in the dancer's shiny clothing.

Lee Charms received a phone call on the shoot asking him to perform on the BET show, 106th & Park which is great news that people are watching him, especially for us up & coming filmmakers. Check out Lee Charms' music at this link.

Shout outs to Kim Brannon (AD) who I haven't seen in about two years, Chris Johnson who I also haven't seen in about two years (since the last Lee Charms video), and Jared Frost for kicking ass as an amazing grip. Also shout out to Michael Milia from NYC Jibs who provided us with great hospitality and made sure we had everything we needed.

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